Customs Intermediary specialising in Road Freight Customs Compliance for UK - EU trade

“Customs processes are complicated, so most businesses use customs intermediaries to complete customs processes for them.” - HMRC

We Create And Submit Customs Documents On Behalf Of Your Company

UK Customs have changed

From January 1st 2021, UK businesses now have to manage imports and exports to and from countries in the European Union (EU).

In the EU single market, goods can move freely between member states, but a declaration is required for goods entering or leaving the EU single market from all third countries. 

UK companies will therefore need to complete customs declarations for ALL goods entering or leaving the EU. These declarations are complex and involve changes to the way VAT is addressed.

How we can help

If you are new to customs declarations the process can be daunting and the costs of getting this wrong are high.

Understanding and selecting customs procedures appropriate to your supply chain configuration is not only critical to maintaining compliance, it also ensures tax and duty liabilities are efficiently managed.

At UK Customs Services Ltd, our team of experts provide you all the assistance you require for a fully managed, seamless customs declaration service designed to meet your companies specific needs.

About us

UK Customers services Ltd is a UK based Customs Brokerage providing customs consultancy and administration services for road freight between the UK and the EU member states.

Behind the scenes we are a dedicated and diverse team of customs professionals with experience in Logistics, Supply Chain and Customs Compliance.

our services

UK Export Declarations

We can create and submit UK Export Declarations to HMRC on your behalf

UK Import Declarations

We can create and submit UK Import Declarations to HMRC on your behalf

CFSP Declarations

We are government approved to create CFSP declarations and can provide them for you

Customs Consultancy

We pride ourselves in giving high quality and professional advice for how your company can comply with UK Customs Regulations

T1 Transit

We can create T1 transit documents, allowing your goods to move freely within the EU

T2 Transit

We can create T2 transit documents, allowing your goods to move freely within the EU

GVMS Entries

Our services are compliant with the latest advancements in border techology

Duties & VAT

We can calculate and process Duty Payments on your behalf and offer advice on VAT, giving you a clear picture of import and export costs

We Value Professionalism and Trust

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