How It Works

UK Customs Services Ltd is a specialist firm of customs experts with industry – leading knowledge and we have in-house accountants who can help with VAT and declaration tariffs.

Our experienced team specialise in UK-EU customs. We will guide you through the process seamlessly.

We have invested heavily in technology solutions that make your ability to work with us, and sharing of files and information, easier.

As your broker we understand the critical part we play in your business success with regards to your customers and logistics requirements.

Customs Compliance Made Easy

The Process

Customs is not a simple process given the many combinations of types of goods, travel methods, regulations, quotas, licences, duties payable, and more.

We will ask you to give us some details of what what type of declaration you want and our team of experienced experts will give you a quote, prior to us being able to offer you a service.

Our process is straightforward.

Step 1: Fill out our registration form and tell us what your company needs
Step 2: We will issue you with an easy to understand quotation.
Step 3: Before proceeding with our services, confirm you accept our quote and provide payment.
Step 4: Our Customs Experts Will Now Process Your Documentation As Per Your Request.
Step 5: All Documents will be created and submitted to HMRC on behalf of your business.

Start Your Process With Us

Our Rapid 3 Step Service Setup

You will be assigned a dedicated customs agent who will manage your account and your ongoing customs administrative services.



Complete our online form.



Our experienced customs consultants will contact you.


Service Design

We provide a customs service tailored to your specific needs.

We Provide An Expert Service At A Competitive Price

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